Wii U Bundles Include 3 Games for $320 Starting in October

Nintendo is rolling out a few Wii U bundles starting at $320 in Japan, and those offers could come state-wide this holiday season.

The first package goes for $352 U.S., and will contain New Super Mario Bros U, Wii Party U, and Wii Fit U. It will launch on October 31, and also offer the same package minus Wii Fit U for $320.

The Wii Fit U bundle is the same price, includes the same games, but adds a sensor bar, Fit Meter, and a Wiimote.

Each of the bundles give the buyer a choice between having a Wii U in black or white, and all the software comes pre-installed according to Polygon. it will also contain a 30 day subscription to Karaoke U.

The U.S. already as a $299 Wii U bundle that features the new Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD game with the console for just $299.

Wii U seems to be on the rise after struggling the last few months. Nintendo managed to sell 32,000 units in the UK alone.

Last month the Wii U sold 30,000 and 24,000 before that according to Wii U Daily. However, although the numbers have gone up, its predecessor, the Wii, is still outselling it. In fact, the Wii outsells the Wii U in games 3 to 1.

In the UK the Xbox 360 has sold 5 million this year and PS3 sold 4 million. The Wii U is at a measly 242,000.

Nintendo recently released a trailer showcasing the Wii U's exclusive games coming to the console in the next coming months. These titles are sure to give the console the bump it needs.

The 32 GB Wii U is now $299 after launching at $349 starting Sept. 20. The price drop will also factor into increased sales.