Wii U Release Date: New System to Feature EA Origin and Valve Steam Service?

New rumors claim Nintendo is working with third-party developers to create an open online system for the Wii U.

A source from within Electronic Arts said Nintendo is working with the video gaming company to incorporate its Origin service. EA's digital distribution service is rumored to be the main online distribution platform for the Wii U.

Since EA understands what gamers want from an online platform, Nintendo is looking to improve its current software distribution model from the Wii.

EA is said to be "aggressively persuading Nintendo."

The same source also noted Nintendo is in talks with Valve. The Wii U could possibly feature Valve's Steam service for its digital distribution services also.

Nintendo is said to be planning to make its online infrastructure easier for third-party publishers and developers to work on. This means more content for gamers looking to play games from outside the Nintendo camp.

Some publishers and developers are ready for something new, as they have complained about Xbox Lives’ closed system.

So far, no official word has come from Nintendo or EA on this latest rumor. Blog site Wii U Go came upon this bit of juicy news.

The Wii U tablet sports a 6.2-inch single-touch screen, camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, a motion control sensor strip, stereo speakers, stylus, microphone, and a classic dual-analogue button layout.

The tablet is shaped like an iPad and it will provide dual screen game play between a television and the tablet.

The remote controllers used for the current Wii system will also work for the Wii U.

Sources for Develop, a technology website, said engineers for the company are hard at work for the Wii U: "A trusted game development executive has said there are numerous indications within the Wii U codebase that the console is, at the very least, being prepared to operate with two touch-screen pads."

Nintendo is planning to do a re-debut for the Wii U at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012.