Wii U Release Date Nov. 18, Console to Also Launch in Deluxe Version

Nintendo announced the release date the for the new Wii U gaming console this week.

The new system will launch on Nov. 18 and will retail for $300. It will also be launched in a deluxe version that will cost $350.

The deluxe version will be black instead of white and comes with more memory, a charging stand, and the game "Nintendo Land."

The Wii U's launch marks the first major release for Nintendo since the original Wii in 2006. The new version features a touch-screen tablet-like controller called the Wii U gamepad and it can play games for the original Wii as well.

Nintendo also plans on releasing the "New Super Mario Bros. U" at the same time as the new console. The Wii U controller paired with the game will offer a new experience previously unseen on older Nintendo products.

The company implemented a new entertainment feature called "Nintendo TVii" as well which allows users to collect ways to watch movies TV shows and sports. It includes pay-TV accounts and services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon.

The service works as an all in one search engine and allows the user to look for a specific show. TVii than brings this show from every possible service out there and allows the user to choose between which one they want to view it on.

TVii also launches with the Nintendo Wii U console at no extra cost. Other games will be released that day, as well including "Call of Duty Black Ops 2."

The $300 basic version features 8GB of internal memory, a gamepad, a sensor bar, and HDMI cable. The $349 Deluxe edition comes with 32GB internal memory and access to the Deluxe Digital Promotion that earns online shoppers rebates for downloadable Wii U titles.