Wild Dogs Kill 4 in Mexico City: 2 Teens, A Mother, and Her 1-Year-Old Child

Four dead bodies were found in a Mexico City park; all appeared to have been mauled to death by wild dogs.

Over the past two weeks, police have discovered four bodies in Mexico City Park. The attacks include two teenage children, a 1-year-old child, and a 26-year-old mother.

"Experts have established that due to the gravity of the wounds at least 10 dogs were involved in each attack," Mexico City prosecutors said in a statement.

During one incident, 15-year-old Alejandra Ruiz and her boyfriend, 16-year-old Samuel Martinez, were taking an afternoon stroll in the park when the attack began. Ruiz called her sister, who remained on the line as the attack took place. The attack took place last Friday.

Just a couple of weeks before that, a young mother and her son were also fatally attacked. The mother's entire left arm was missing and both of the victims had been partially eaten, according to the Associated Press.

Some have shown skepticism over the attacks, including one of the victim's sisters, Diana Ruiz.

"There needs to be a thorough investigation," she told AP, adding that she had her doubts after witnessing the scene and discovering no blood. Officials have insisted that the bodies were not dumped and that bite marks on the victims were found, some made while the victims were still alive.

"What kind of dog can tear the skin from your whole arm and leave just bone and if it was an attack dog why didn't it attack her neck?" Ruiz asked. "What's most shocking is that one of her breasts was mutilated."

A similar incident occurred in Cibola County, New Mexico on Dec. 26. An 8-year-old boy was attacked and killed by nine feral dogs, according to officials.

Thomas Jay Henio's mother stated that she had stepped inside for just a moment while her son played outside. When she returned to check on him, she found him face down with bite marks on his body.