Wildfire in Eureka, Montana Latest News 2017: Evacuations Ongoing Due to Rapid Wildfire

Wikimedia Commons / TUBSThe map of the United States where the state of Montana has been highlighted

The lightning-caused wildfire in the northwestern part of Montana is rapidly spreading across its surrounding areas, which prompts authorities to launch emergency evacuations among the residents of the southeastern part of Eureka.

According to reports, the Gibraltar Ridge Fire that happens in the eastern section of the town of Eureka already resulted to hazardous conditions after it turned to worse Tuesday night.

The reports reveal that more than 30 homes were evacuated since Monday night until early Tuesday morning based on the statement of the American Red Cross of Montana. The houses were located along five forest roads, including Sherman Creek, Therriault Creek, Stevens Creek, Griffith Creek Road, as well as the east end of Graves Creek Road.

To be able to reach the residents, local authorities are reportedly going door-to-door to tell them about the evacuation procedures. There are also other residents who were placed on a pre-evacuation notice, but fire officials were encouraging all the residents of properties living near the wildfire to evacuate voluntarily since the fires are spreading fast.

Reports also claim that The American Red Cross and the Eureka community launched a shelter at the First Church of God located at 1295 2nd Ave. E. in Eureka for those who are affected by the wildfire.

Meanwhile, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality released an air quality alert for several counties in the state due to the ongoing wildfire. Those who are living in the counties of Flathead, Lake, Lincoln, Mineral, Missoula, Ravalli, and Sanders are reportedly affected with the air quality alert.

According to reports, the particulate levels recorded in Seeley Lake are hazardous, while the particulate levels in Quartz Creek are very unhealthy.

The recorded particulate levels in both Superior and Lolo counties can be considered as unhealthy, while those in Arlee, Eureka, Frenchtown, Hamilton, Libby, and Thompson Falls counties have particulate levels that can be unhealthy for sensitive groups. However, the particulate levels in Missoula are moderate.

More news about the situation in the ongoing Eureka wildfire should be available in the coming days.