Will and Jada Smith Crush Divorce Rumors; A Look at Their 13-Year Marriage

Rumors of a potential Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith divorce were quelled on Tuesday, following a firm statement from the couple.

“Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false. We are still together and our marriage is intact,” Smith’s publicist said in a statement.

Their assertion of an “intact” marriage comes after In Touch Weekly reported that an inside source told of the couple’s split in an exclusive interview. Since the report was published, rumors of the break-up have gone viral.

Shortly before the couple made their official statement, Will’s son from a previous marriage, Trey Smith wrote on Twitter that the rumors were completely false.

He tweeted, “Did #WillandJadasplit? No they did NOT split! False information…its not true RETWEET!!!”

He added, “Everyone can think what they want…even if its not true #Lame”

Will Smith has previously spoken out publicly against divorce, which added to the surprise when the current rumors surfaced. He appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” in 2008 and said, "What I found is divorce just can't be an option.”

Smith said, "It's really that simple. And I think that's the problem with L.A. – there are so many options. So a huge part of the success for [Jada] and I is that we just removed the other options."

He added, "We're like listen, we're going to be together one way or the other so we might as well try to be happy.”

Will and Jada have been one of Hollywood’s most stable couples – with 13 years of marriage under their belts. The couple met in 1995 on the set of Will’s show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” where Jada auditioned for the role of Smith’s girlfriend.

She didn’t get the part, but Pinkett ended up with the ultimate “role” when the two got married two years later. According to Smith, Jada did not think he was funny when they first met and it took her a while to laugh at his jokes.

He said, "We were together for two years before she even laughed at something I said! She thinks I'm hilarious now, it just took her some time to work into it, but we connected intellectually ... We connected intellectually and worked into the comedic side."

Will proposed in November 1997 and the two were married on December 31, 1997.

Smith told MTV in 2006 that when the two got married he “stood up in front of God and said, ‘Til death do us part.’ So there are two possible outcomes. One, we are going to be together till death, or two, I am dead.”

Jada echoed the sentiment a few years later in Ebony – she said in 2009, “When Will asked me to get married, I said, ‘I understand this, there will be no divorce.’ So, you might be in one bedroom and I might be in another, but we’re gonna be under the same roof and we’re gonna be married.”

The couple welcomed their first child, son Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, to the world on July 8, 1998. The now 13-year-old is an actor, rapper, songwriter and dancer.

Will and Jada’s daughter, Willow Camille Reign Smith, was born two years later on October 31, 2000. Willow followed in her older brother’s footsteps and is a singer and actress. Willow is also a youth ambassador.

The Smiths vacationed in Hawaii last month and a few weeks ago allowed their Southern California home to be photographed for the first time ever.

Will told Architectural Digest that the circular floor plan of the 25,000-square-foot home mimics “an infinite cycle that represented what Jada and I hoped for our love.”