Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Will and Jada Smith 'Separation' Causes Tweeters to Lose Faith in Love, Marriage, and Hope

Will and Jada Smith 'Separation' Causes Tweeters to Lose Faith in Love, Marriage, and Hope

Rumors over the possible separation of Will and Jada Smith, long perceived as the antithesis to the Hollywood couple divorce cliché, have caused a strong reaction among tweeters, with many questioning their faith in love and losing all hope.

Reflecting the mood of many tweeters, @MissBelloTweets tweeted, “Will and Jada have split up!! I DON'T believe in love anymore.”

@CourtneyCtheMan lost all hope upon hearing the news and tweeted, “If it aint no hope for Will and Jada it aint no hope for none of us.”

Other tweets had people losing faith not only in live, but the world. @NaomiMTV tweted,“Omg the world is coming to an end Will and Jada just separated as reported by US Weekly..this leaves me no hope.”

But other tweets scorned tweeters who say they have lost faith in love and put too much importance in celebrity gossip. @zemllacyeht tweeted, “Because will and jada are getting divorced you guys have lost faith in marriage?...celebrities are normal people like us, not Gods.”

And @VickySnG tweeted, “So because Will and Jada might be splitting up…that means that there's no hope for marriage...GET A GRIP! Idolise much?”

Some tweeters have simply have simply refused to accept the news, including @chellebabyxoxo, who tweeted, “Will and Jada are not separated. Thats a lie. I won’t believe it,” while @SoSudiddy said, “I will not believe Will and Jada split up.”

And others took a more humorous approach. Referring to the story about how the Titanic star rescued billionaire Richard Branson’s mother from a burning house, @AJSaxon1, tweeted, “Maybe Kate Winslet can rescue Will and Jada?”


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