Will Smith Photobombed by Craig Sager (VIDEO)

Will Smith is the latest celebrity to get photobombed while he and son Jaden were on the sidelines of an NBA game on Wednesday.

The "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" star was watching the matchup between the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat in Miami when Craig Sager struck a ridiculous pose behind him during the game.

A sideline reporter for TNT and TBS, Sager is known for his entertaining antics on camera.

The famed reporter stood out even more during Wednesday's game when he popped into the camera focused on Smith and his son, framing the reporter's pink-and-purple checker suit into the picture.

Furthermore, Sager looked at the camera and waved before resuming his regular seated position behind the Smiths.

Smith nor Jaden seemed aware that they had been "photobombed" at the time, but Twitter was ablaze with amused reactions. Watch the video here

"Omg, I love Craig Sager," posted Brian. "That suit. That wave. This expression."

Another Twitter user wrote, "Craig Sager wins a place deeper in our hearts by photobombing Will Smith."

Photobombing occurs when someone drops into a photo unexpectedly, and usually occurs right before the photo is taken.

Smith is not the first celebrity to be photobombed. During President Obama's Inauguration earlier this year, Bill Clinton and Kelly Clarkson were accidentally captured in a hilarious picture together.

Then, Clarkson was named in yet another photobombing incident involving Ellen DeGeneres at the Grammy Awards.

Meanwhile, one nickname for Sager is "Mr. Fancy Suit," for the reporter often wears brightly colored suits. The Heat-Bulls game proved no exception, and many Twitter users commented on his Easter-appropriate suit in addition to the photobombing.

After Wednesday's game, Sager even talked to the Heat's Dwayne Wade about fashion.

"You know me and you got something in common," said the reporter, according to BleacherReport.com. "They like to talk about the way we dress."