William Christopher Pettry Stabbed to Death: Bears Fan Murdered by Jealous Husband (VIDEO)

A Chicago Bears fan was killed Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville, Fla. while having a drink at a bar before the big game.

Christopher Pettry was a huge Chicago Bears fan, according to family members. When the opportunity struck for him to travel to Florida alongside his best friend in order to catch the game, he was thrilled.

Just before going to Sunday's game, Pettry and his friend stopped in at a local bar to have a drink in a large group of other Bears fans and friends. At some point, Pettry announced that he had to use the bathroom, but promised to return with a round of drinks for everyone. Moments later, a waitress approached Pettry's best friend and informed him that Pettry was hurt. The friend is still unsure of what went happened, according to police officers who spoke with The Chicago Tribune.

Pettry was allegedly at the bar when he struck up a conversation with a woman and her friend.

"They didn't know what to tell him. They told him your friend isn't feeling well. He went up to the front and [Pettry] was on the floor, and it was over," Quincy Asbury told the paper, recalling what he was told by Pettry's friend. "I'm still at a loss as to how he goes from the washroom, to get another round to ... he never made it back."

The woman that Pettry was talking to happened to Matthew Hinson's wife. After seeing the pair talking, Hinson "became jealous" and "enraged," according to police. He approached Pettry, pulled out his pocket knife, and slit Perry's throat before calmly walking away.

"He calmly and basically coldbloodedly cut the victim's throat and calmly walked out of the restaurant," police told The Tribune.

Pettry left behind a wife and three children. His wife, Karen, took to Facebook to share her grief.

"I'm so numb and I still can not believe it is true," she wrote. "Some idiot has taken his life. Im so mad, just don't understand why, very lost right now. Please hug the ones you love because you never know if tomorrow you will have that chance."

Hinson was arrested in the parking lot as he attempted to leave the bar.