William Kate Housekeeper: Italian to Be Paid $35,000 With Free Housing (VIDEO)

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Photo: REUTERS/OLIVIA HARRISKate Middleton at Windsor Castle

Prince William and Kate Middleton have poached a housekeeper from Queen Elizabeth.

Antonella Fresolone, originally from Italy, has 13 years experience working for the Queen of Britain at Buckingham Palace, and although grandson Prince William could afford to appoint any housekeeper in the world, he has chosen Fresolone to be their first housekeeper for when their baby is born.

It has been reported that Fresolone will oversee the running of housekeeping duties at Prince William's Kensington Palace apartment once refurbishments are completed later this year.

According to reports, Fresolone is 42 years old and has no children. She in fact commenced her new duties for Prince William and Kate Middleton two weeks ago, moving into a staff apartment near Nottingham Cottage where the royal couple are living until their new apartments are refurbished.

One source has said to the Express newspaper in the U.K.: "The queen will have given it her blessing. She does not like to stop people progressing through the ranks and will be happy that William and Kate have someone they can trust."

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had previously posted an advertisement requesting someone with a "high standard of housekeeping" and to ensure that "all areas of the residence are cleaned and maintained to a high standard at all times."

It is believed that the housekeeping job has a salary of about $35,000 (approx. GBP 23,000) as well as free accomodation.

In other news, it has also been reported that British composer, Paul Mealor, has composed a special lullaby for Kate Middleton's baby when born.

Mealor also wrote music for Prince William and Middleton's royal wedding a few years back, and he has happily agreed to lend his services to the couple again.

The lullaby is called "Sleep On," and Mealor has said, "After writing music for the Royal Wedding. It seemed natural to provide the musical accompaniment for the next stage of the royal couple's journey together."

Here is a video news report on the royal couple advertising for a housekeeper: