Willie Hantz Arrested for DUI After Being Disqualified From 'Big Brother'

He was forced to leave "Big Brother" after a violent confrontation with a housemate, and now Willie Hantz has been arrested for drunken driving. The reality villain is now in a different type of house, as his bail has not yet been set.

The Layfayette Police Department in Louisiana arrested Hantz around 2:30 a.m., when they saw him driving his car after exiting a nightclub. After stopping the vehicle, Hantz exited and tried to outrun the police. Once they caught up to Hantz, though, he was taken into custody on suspicion of public intoxication.

Just last week viewers watched a heated exchange between Hantz and his housemates on "Big Brother" turn violent as he charged and head-butted another contestant. Hantz was immediately disqualified and removed, much to the surprise and relief of his housemates.

Hantz is not the only notorious reality TV villain in the family, though. His big brother Russell competed on "Survivor" and made enemies with nearly everyone on the show and the audience. It was a hard thing for the younger Hantz to shake as he entered the "Big Brother" house.

His fellow competitors wondered whether Willie would play the game as viscously as Russell. After being named Head of Household for the week, Willie made bad deals that upset his fellow housemates. But once his rival in the house began to call him out on his bad behavior, Hantz quickly spiraled out of control.

The housemates attempted to separate themselves from Hantz, but that only led to an increase in his anger and radical behavior. A few remarks from another contestant caused Hantz to charge at him and head-butt him. "Big Brother" producers immediately took Hantz out.