Willow Smith Responds to Critics With 'I Am Me;' Some Question if Song Is Age Appropriate

Willow Smith, 11-year-old singer and daughter of entertainers Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, recently released a music video titled "I Am Me" which sparked mixed reactions among the public.

The young Smith debuted her fourth music video at the 2012 BET Awards where she appeared in New York City, showcasing her vocal range while playing on a keyboard.

The song speaks about the young singer refusing to validate those who have been critical of her hair and personal style.

"I'm me and that's all I can be. Here's my vulnerability," Smith sings on the hook of the song. "I'm free and you can't stop me. I'm me and that's all I can be."

The first verse of the song speaks about the young singer's struggle to find herself amid the criticism of her appearance.

"Days pass I'm trying to find who I really am. I've been looking people don't like the way I dress," Smith sings. "I ain't done my hair and it's not just vanity. Your validation is not that important to me."

The singer also discusses feeling at peace with her self expression.

"Night falls and I find it's here I am in peace. Making friends with spirits lost and it sets me free," Smith sings. "Express myself because it's my liberty."

At the end of the video, Smith has a special message for her fans.

"You have to be yourself, be real. Be honest," Smith said. "Cause ain't nobody got time for that. They really don't so listen to me, listen to this song because this is real facts that will help you move along."

After Smith spoke about her video premiere on Twitter, many reacted in different ways.

"That Willow Smith video was a cry for help," one person tweeted.

Another person questioned if the song was appropriate for Smith's age.

"Willow Smith's new song is about giving advice," one person questioned. "She's 11, she should stick to whipping her hair back and forth."

However, some seemed to appreciate Smith's musical efforts.

"Why's everyone hating on Willow Smith's new song," a fan tweeted. "I think it's pretty inspirational whether she's 11 years old or not."

Smith opened up about the meaning behind the song and video to BET hosts Terrance J and Rocsi.

"It's just explaining who I am and what symbolizes me – like me as an energy, me as a person, just cool and rounded," Smith said.