Willow Smith Song 'Sugar and Spice' Leave Some Questioning Depression

Willow Smith, 12-year-old singer, actress and daughter of entertainers Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, recently released the song "Sugar and Spice" that has some questioning if the budding star is depressed.

In the melancholy song that samples rock band Radiohead's song "Codex," the young Smith seems to reflect on some of her emotions.

"Take a swing at me/I'll fight/Till the death/My light is bright/I tried to be sugar and spice/But I'm melancholy and can't do anything right," Smith sings. "The monsters under my bed keeping making noise at night/I just want silence."

The budding singer and actress sparked some reactions on Twitter after releasing the song and left some questioning if she was experiencing depression.

"Willow Smith's new song is an amazing take on depression, but girl is twelve. Where are these lyrics coming from," one person questioned on the social networking website.

However, another person seemed to empathize with the singer, saying that she was going through normal emotions that other kids her age experience.

"Actually, Willow Smith shows signs of being an awesome singer/songwriter," the person tweeted. "She's just depressed like most other kids her age."

Still, some people appreciated Smith's vocal abilities in her latest release.

"Have you heard that new song Willow Smith just released,"the person questioned. "Who does she think she is giving these grown woman vocals. SLAY!!"

Last summer, Smith released another emotional song that had some questioning if her music was age appropriate. The singer recorded a music video for the song called "I Am Me" where she speaks about making peace with her individuality.

"Night falls and I find it's here I am in peace. Making friends with spirits lost and it sets me free," Smith sings. "Express myself because it's my liberty."

After Smith spoke about her video premiere on Twitter, many reacted in different ways.

"That Willow Smith video was a cry for help," one person tweeted.

Another person questioned if the song was appropriate for Smith's age.

"Willow Smith's new song is about giving advice," one person questioned last year. "She's 11, she should stick to whipping her hair back and forth."

Smith opened up about her music and video to former BET hosts Terrence J and Rocsi.

"It's just explaining who I am and what symbolizes me – like me as an energy, me as a person, just cool and rounded," Smith said.