'Winds of Winter' Release Date: New George RR Martin Book May Not Hit Shelves Until 2017


George R. R. Martin, the famed creator of the Game of Thrones book series, is currently working on the sixth installment titled "Winds of Winter." Fans are already waiting in anticipation and are eager to know when a probably release of the book will be.

There has not been any definite date yet but Martin's editors put the release of the book sometime in 2017 – if Martin chooses to keep the 250 word per day pace. The author is infamous for his slow writing style with some fans even suggesting that if Martin wrote at 350 words a day – like Rowling did with Harry Potter – then Winds of Winter might get an earlier 2016 release.

Martin has been adamant with his pace however, despite his U.S. editor Anne Groell suggesting that the author write while they are travelling.

"Martin is one stubborn man and is very set in his ways," Groell said.

The author's U.K. publisher, Jane Johnson, has already confirmed early in the year that fans won't be seeing the sequel to the book this year. If anything, next year might not even be a possibility.

"In all honesty, only George knows how many books there will be in the series and he's not saying. Indeed, at this stage of his writing, with the many branching pathways of the character's stories still to intersect, he may not know," Johnson told The Guardian.

With such a far off release date, some fans fear that Martin might pass away sometime midway during the sequel's writing. There has been one instance where Martin was asked whether he would live long enough to actually finish the book, as well as the series.

Martin took offense to the question and gave the interviewer a big "f--- you." A spokesperson said that the answer was not directed to fans but to the interviewer himself.

Still, with Martin's notoriety as a slow writer, "Winds of Winter" might not hit the shelves as early as many fans hope.