Woman Claims NYPD Officers Repeatedly Tried to Arrest Dead Husband in Home Despite Posting Death Certificate on Door

(Photo: Reuters)NYPD officers.

A Brooklyn, New York woman filed a federal lawsuit against the City of New York and two NYPD officers seeking unspecified damages Friday for repeatedly barging into her home seeking to arrest her husband who has been dead for more than eight years.

Karen Fennell, her son James Jordan Jr. and Anthony Solis are named in the suit against the City of New York and the two officers identified only as John Doe and Jane Doe.

Fennell alleges in the suit that since her husband, James E. Jordan, passed away on March 17, 2006, the officers have showed up at her home on "numerous occasions" claiming they had a warrant for her husband's arrest.

Despite displaying her husband's death certificate on her door, however, the search for her husband has continued unabated including four times this year alone.

"Even though the plaintiffs have been forced to take the extraordinary step of affixing James E. Jordan's Death Certificate on their front door indicating that James E. Jordan passed away in March 2006, defendant officers still continue to force their way into the plaintiffs' home under the guise of executing an arrest warrant against said deceased individual," noted the suit.

"On virtually each and every occasion that defendant officers unlawfully entered into the plaintiffs' home, they proceeded to perform a warrantless search of the said home," it continued.

Fennell alleges in the suit that the NYPD officers visited her apartment on Sumner Ave., in Bedford-Stuyvesant during Easter without a warrant.

"Every time they do a sweep they come here," Fennel, 56, told the Daily News. "It's very upsetting."

The suit further alleges that the defendant officers also took personal property from the home including James' state identity card. Despite being fully aware that their actions were illegal officers allegedly also did nothing to stop or prevent it from happening.

"Each and every officer and/or individual who responded to, had any involvement and/or was present at the location of the search, arrest and assault described herein knew and was fully aware that the search was illegal and that the plaintiffs did not commit any crime or offense, and had a realistic opportunity to intervene to prevent the harm detailed," alleges the suit.

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