Woman Claims Self-Defense After Stabbing Boyfriend to Death With Stiletto

Ana Lilia Trujillo claims that she killed her boyfriend, Alf Stefan Andersson, in self-defense after he attacked her. Trujillo allegedly stabbed him to death with a stiletto.

Police responded to a call from the luxury high-rise condominium in Houston and discovered Andersson's body on the floor. He had been repeatedly stabbed in the head, neck, and arms, a total of approximately 30 times. Trujillo was covered in blood and initially cooperated with police, telling them what happened.

She alleged that the two had been arguing when Andersson made a move toward her and grabbed her. Trujillo responded by grabbing the shoe and stabbing him repeatedly, though she claims it was all in self-defense.

"The complainant appeared to have about 10 puncture wounds to the head, some being 1 to 1.5 inches deep. He also had 15-20 other puncture wounds along his face and arms and neck," the prosecutor said in court.

"Twice she told me if anybody ever messed with her, she pulled her shoe off and said, 'I'd get them with this,' and it was a big stiletto heel," former landlord Jim Carroll told KTRK.

Trujillo remains in jail on $100,000 bond and has asked for a court-appointed attorney. She admitted to killing Andersson in court as the charges were read.

Andersson was a research professor at the University of Houston and had been with the school since 2009. The University issued a statement of grief and shock at the loss.

"The University of Houston community is saddened to learn of the tragic death of Professor Stefan Andersson," the press release read. "Our hearts go out to his colleagues, family and friends during this difficult time."

Trujillo worked as a masseur and had recently moved in with Andersson; it's unclear how long they have been together. She apparently has had several run-ins with the law, including a 2010 case of check fraud, which was subsequently dismissed.