Woman Does the Impossible After Mother is Murdered By Step-Father - This Will Amaze You (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Sovereign Hope Church/Vimeo)

In May 2011, Jesica Rokohl had just gotten off work when she got the call from her grandmother. Her mother, Kelly Dube-Woodard, was missing. When the Superior, Mont. resident called her mom, it rang a few times before voicemail picked up. Eventually, her calls went straight to voicemail.

After several days, Rokohl's worst fears were confirmed when her mother's body was found. Police arrested her step-father, and mother's ex-husband, Michael John Woodard.

Woodard pled guilty to his ex-wife's murder and was sentenced to 55 years in prison, a virtual life sentence for the 52-year-old.

Rokohl knew she needed to speak to him before he was taken to prison. In the courtroom, she stood before her step-father, her mother's killer, and relayed a message of forgiveness made possible only by the love of God.

"Regardless of what you've done, I still love you for the person that you were to my brother and I," she said. "God has kept anger off of my heart this whole time and given me an unearthly peace and wrapped me in his love."

"It's because of him I forgive you."

In this video from Sovereign Hope Church, Rokohl and her husband talk of this grace and forgiveness that surpass human understanding.