Woman Eats Too Much and Makes Emergency 911 Call

A Florida woman has been arrested for calling 911, saying she needed help because she had eaten too much. Mary Lisee, 45, called 911, asked for help, then hung up the phone.

When authorities arrived at the Travelers Inn in Fort Pierce Florida, Lisee could be seen shouting and jumping. Her boyfriend fled the room, saying he just wanted to sleep but his girlfriend could not seem to stop talking, according to MSNBC.

An arrest report said that Lisee had told deputies she called for help because she had eaten too much food. Deputies reported smelling alcohol on the hysterical woman.

The Examiner reports the woman was asked by authorities if she knew it was against the law to use 911 for anything other than emergencies and she admitted to the misuse.

Lisee was taken to a St. Lucie County Jail and charged with disorderly conduct and misuse of the 911 emergency system.

"My name is Mary Ellen Lisee. I have beaten, I believe in God, and he forgives me. I may joke, but I do not do crack. I will not for as long as I live," Mary Lisee wrote and signed in the awkward statement she was asked to write for authorities.

Bizarre holiday crimes were not uncommon this holiday season. On Christmas day, a Texas man dressed as Santa Claus shot and killed six of his family members and then shot and killed himself.

Police believed the victims were related, but some may just have been friends of the family.

"We're getting a clearer picture, but we're not ready to go on the record with anything until we find out from the medical examiner absolute confirmation of identities and the manner of death," Grapevine police spokesman Sergeant Robert Eberling told The Associated Press.