Woman Freaks Out in Apple Store, Footage Captured by Actress (VIRAL VIDEO)

A woman had a major melt down in an Apple store and now the incident is making its rounds as a viral video.

The video, which is only six seconds long, was caught on short video clip sharing service, Vine, by actress Porscha Coleman.

The woman is seen in the video yelling frustratingly at an Apple employee.

"I was told by Apple Care that I could walk into a store and get the part!" she is seen saying as she slams down on a baby stroller.

"The lady is going OFF in the Apple Store!! LOL U don't have an appointment, lady! #Coolit #chillpill #takesomemeds," the description on the video read.

The Apple store lets customers make appointments with their genius bar because the wait for walk-ins is sometimes incredibly long.

Coleman is most known for her work in the film "Woman Thou Art Lossed," and in television shows "The Parkers," "Wild 'n Out," "7th Heaven," and "Boston Public."