Woman Hilariously Wigs Out on 'The Price Is Right' Game Show Then Goes on to Win $10,000

(Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube/The Price Is Right)The Price Is Right contestant, Aliayah (l), wigs out after winning the One Bid section of the show. Show host, Drew Carey, looks on.

A contestant on the popular "The Price Is Right" television game show was so overjoyed after she won the qualifying round of the show called "One Bid" this week that she pulled off the wig she was wearing and hugged the show's host Drew Carey in a hilarious moment. She then went on to win $10,000.

"Oh my God, I love you. I love you, oh my God. Thank you so much," screamed the happy woman later identified as Aliayah Parker Wright after winning the bid.

A laughing Carey soon pronounced: "The wig looks good. That's a good looking wig," as he tried composing himself while the woman positioned the wig back on her head.

He then asks her where she was from, and she reveals that she is originally from California's Bay area but lives in Sacramento and works in "law enforcement."

"Hilarious," Carey said trying to maintain his composure again before quipping: "Undercover I imagine."

YouTube/The Price Is Right
Woman Wigs Out On 'The Price Is Right'

When the show's announcer George Gray next tells her that she was going to "wig out" at the chance to win $10,000 in the pricing game portion of the show, she puts on her "game face" and declares: "I need that. I need that."

She is then challenged to identify four items out of six with a retail price of under $8.50 and she gets them all correct. She then caps off her time on the show with a muted celebratory dance at winning the $10,000.

The video of Aliayah's time on the show is described in the about section on YouTube as one of the funniest moments on the show.

"This has to be one of the funniest things we've seen happen on The Price Is Right Stage! We are wigging out!!" highlighted the description.

And many viewers of the video agree.

"So awesome. I loved your enthusiasm. What an exciting moment!" wrote Matt Peters.

"Lovin' it! She should be on more game shows," noted Ken Parham.

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