Woman Marries Twin Sister's Killer: Mob Protests Against Valentine's Day Wedding

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(Photo: Reuters/Ueslei Marcelino)A couple shows a wedding ring as they celebrate during a mass wedding ceremony during the fifth edition of "The Greater Saint John of the Cerrado" festival in Brasilia Aug. 13, 2011. (File)

A woman has married her twin sister's killer in a Valentine's Day wedding that has shocked many.

According to reports, an Argentine woman married the man convicted of killing her twin sister on Feb. 14, sparking ugly scenes as a mob gathered to protest against the marriage.

A group convened outside the civil registry office on Thursday where the wedding was taking place to throw stones and eggs in protest against the twin sister's decision to marry the man.

Edith Casas, 23, has claimed adamantly that the man convicted of killing her twin sister, Victor Cingolani, is actually innocent of the murder.

Johana Casa was killed more than two years ago and Cingolani was successfully charged and convicted of the murder, and given a 13 year prison sentence. However, he has always maintained his innocence, and is still in the process of appealing the conviction.

The 28 year old convict reportedly wants to have children with Edith, but will have to wait until he is freed. After their marriage at the civil registry office, Cingolani was immediately taken back to his prison cell in handcuffs.

The protesting mob remained for long after the wedding ceremony, and according to reports Edith had to wait for hours before leaving the location as it was considered unsafe for her to do so until the mob dispersed.

The twin's mother has disagreed with the marriage and according to Fox news, believes that Edith must be crazy to marry him. She had sought to block the marriage in court, but a judge found her sane and capable of making her own independent decision over whether to marry the man.

The mother has said to local media: "I've always said that she is threatened by the Cingolani family; I'm afraid that something might happen to her because he is a killer and a manipulator."

More than two years ago, twin sister, Johana Casa's body was found in a field in the town of Pico Truncado in southern Santa Cruz. She had died from two gunshots to her chest.

Cingolani was Johana's former boyfriend and was immediately put up as the prime suspect in the case, along with Johana's then-current boyfriend, Marco Diaz. Diaz was later released with authorities saying they did not have enough evidence against him for a conviction.

Cingolani has claimed that his relationship with Edith had commenced just after he broke up with her twin sister, Johana. He denies having anything to do with the murder.