Woman Named Fellony Arrested, Charged With Felony for Bloody Brawl

A woman named Fellony was arrested and charged with a felony, coincidentally. The Indiana woman got into a brawl with another woman at a bar Sunday, which led to her arrest.

The woman, Fellony Silas, was arrested and charged with felony battery at Kilroy's Sports Bar in Bloomington, Indiana. Silas, 30, beat her female victim, 24, with a glass, causing several lacerations on her forehead. The victim had to be hospitalized after the attack and treated for her injuries.

The cause of the incident? Dancing.

While at the bar, both Silas and the unnamed victim were on the dance floor, according to The Smoking Gun. The woman accidentally bumped Silas, and somehow, the collision became the catalyst that caused a bar brawl.

Friends of both Silas and the victims tried to intervene when the two started arguing, according to The Indiana Daily Student, but to no avail. Fellony smashed the glass in the victim's face, bloodying her. A friend took her to the restroom to help clean her up, and the police were called soon afterwards.

Police came and took Silas to the Monroe County jail, while the victim was transported to the IU Health Bloomington hospital.

Fellony Silas now has the charge of Class C felony battery with serious bodily harm on her record, Sgt. Lucas Tate told the Indiana Daily Student. Her bond has been set at $10,000. Felony battery is not the only criminal incidence on her record, however.

The African-American woman was on probation because of a previous conviction at the time of the incident, which could exacerbate her position in court. In addition to probation, Silas has been arrested for charges like forgery, theft, disorderly conduct, and fraud, according to The Smoking Gun.

Public opinion of the confrontation and the subsequent arrest was unanimous: don't name your child Fellony.

"Be careful what you name your child," wrote Jide Lawore on The Smoking Gun.

"Does she have a sister named misdemeanor?" another user joked.