Woman Prevented From Boarding Plane Due to 'Offensive' Pro-Choice Shirt

A woman was prevented from boarding an American Airlines flight after the airline staff deemed the message on her shirt inappropriate for travel.

The woman who has not been identified was told that she would have to change her shirt before she boarded her connecting flight.

The woman's shirt read: "If I wanted the government in my womb, I'd f--- a senator."

"When I boarded the plane, I was one of the first groups to board (did not pass by many folks). I was wearing my shawl just loosely around my neck and upon sitting down in my seat the lady next to me, who was already seated, praised me for wearing the shirt," the woman known only as "O" told RH Reality Check.

But before she left the aircraft, she was approached by a flight attendant who told her the pilot stated that she needed to change her shirt or she would not be allowed on the airplane. She ended up missing the flight.

American Airlines does have a clearly stated dress policy which explains that they can refuse to transport anyone they deem to be wearing offensive clothing.

"The only reason she was asked to cover up her T-shirt was the appearance of the 'F-word' on the T-shirt. The [pro-choice] message is irrelevant to our policy," the spokesman for the airline, Tim Smith, told MSNBC.

Smith furthered explained that the conditions of flight are posted on the company's website. It states that "American may refuse to transport you, or may remove you from your flight at any point, for one or several reasons." This includes if a person is "clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort or offense to other passengers."

There have been other instances of clothing causing disruptions on flights. Last year a man was arrested after he tried to board a plane with sagging pants. Also, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was removed from a Southwest flight for wearing pants too low.