Woman Receives $6.1M in Unclaimed Funds

A Kansas City woman has received the largest payout on record, $6.1 million, from previously unclaimed funds.

According to ABC’s “Good Morning America,” one in 10 people have money waiting for them. Analysts estimate that there is over $32 billion waiting to be claimed by Americans.

The show has been doing a series entitled “Show Me the Money,” which tells the story of people who have made large-fund discoveries.

In Wisconsin, over $1.5 million has been handed out to residents, while in New York $4 million has been recovered.

Clint Zweifel, Missouri State Treasurer, told “Good Morning America” that his state has over $600 million waiting for residents to claim.

Yesterday one Kansas City, Mo., woman, who chose to remain anonymous, received a payout of $6.1 million. Zweifel issued the following statement about this particular situation: “While we aren’t disclosing this person’s name, what I can tell you is we found this person and worked quickly to get the money back in her hands.”

He encouraged Missourians to conduct their own searches via the Internet, so far the state has paid individuals over $103 million in unclaimed funds.

Zweifel told the public, “Assets become unclaimed property every day for many reasons, whether it is a death in the family, misplaced documents, or a change in address.”

Every state has unclaimed funds, and people are encouraged to check for any closed accounts. Zweifel urged all people to begin their search and insisted that the government would keep the money safe until it is found.

“What is important though is that Missourians know we will safeguard their money forever until they claim it,” he added.