Woman Steals Soda for Can Deposit

A woman in Massachusetts was arrested for allegedly using a stolen benefit card in order to purchase soda and turn in the cans for their nickel deposit.

According to the police report Tina Cafarelli, 36, went into a Stop & Shop in Lynn on Saturday and purchased 18, 12-packs of assorted soda, and paid for the $64 worth of drinks with an allegedly stolen state issued electronic benefit transfer card (EBT).

The report states that an officer on duty, Craig Fountain, was watching loss prevention video while on detail at the grocery store at approximately 8:45 p.m.

While the officer was reviewing the video he observed Cafarelli purchase the soda and then immediately proceeded to the store's digital can return machine. The woman then attempted to deposit the soda cans even though they had not been emptied.

When Fountain and another officer approached Cafarelli the report states that she told the two officers that her name was Susan Russell which happened to be the name on the EBT card.

Fountain explained that Cafarelli repeatedly refused to give the officer her real name and decided to try and dupe the officer by giving him two fabricated names as well as two false social security numbers.

Cafarelli who was taken into custody was later identified at police headquarters, the report said.

A Lynn District Court judge ordered Cafarelli held at Essex County House of Correction in lieu of $250 bail during an arraignment Monday.

During the arraignment Cafarelli was charged with larceny under $250 by false pretense, destruction of property over $250, obstruction of justice and receiving stolen property.

Stop & Shop manager Kevin Wilson who was amazed by the woman's actions estimated the damage to the machine to be "well over $250," according to the Daily Item.

Cafarelli is due back in court on Feb. 14.