Woman Thinks She's Having Engagement Party, Fiancé Surprises Her With Wedding - See Her Reaction (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Straylight Films)

While Carly Butler was spending six months in England to research her family history, her fiancé Adam was up to something back home in Windsor, Canada. Carly's adventure in England involved re-tracing her grandmother's steps based on the 110 letters she sent her husband after World War II. When she returned home last July, Adam handed her a life-changing letter of her own.

Carly thinks the camera is filming the day of their engagement party, but Adam had much bigger plans. The letter reads:

'For the last few months I've been planning an engagement party with several people, mainly your mama, to allow all of your friends and family to see us together engaged - but what I am trying to tell you is today is not our engagement party, it is our wedding.'

Adam had worked with Carly's mom to plan the wedding, including finding a wedding dress, hair stylist and make-up artist and inviting all their loved ones.

Carly wasn't the only one shocked by the news. The attendees thought they were attending an engagement party, too. This surprise wedding video captures the reactions and the proceedings of Carly's unexpected special day.