Women in Ministry: Running 'Til They Drop?

 WASHINGTON – The common topics of discussion at the 2013 Women of Faith conference in Washington, D.C., this past weekend were about life balance and fear. Speakers addressed women with open discussions and candid confessions about their own struggle to tackle both issues while addressing familiar pressures that the modern woman faces, placed on them by society and more so within the church.

Priscilla Shirer and Angie Smith, both speakers at the Women of Faith Conference, sat down with The Christian Post on Friday and spoke about the issues they have dealt with and how they have managed to keep their faith, ministry and families intact amid seasons of imbalance and fear. "There's a lot of pressure on women not to say, 'I'm exhausted.' We have developed a mentality that we have to impress everybody and show them how much we can run without any reprieve or being able to catch our breath and all the while, we're the ones suffering," said Shirer, a mother, author and graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master's degree in Biblical Studies.

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