'Wonder Woman' Early Preview Reactions Are Mixed but Mostly Positive

Facebook/wonderwomanfilmA promo image for "Wonder Woman" on the movie's official Facebook page.

It has been decades since the Amazon warrior last led her own feature on the big screen, and "Wonder Woman" fans are eagerly anticipating the movie's release on June 2. The movie has been screened in advance to limited audience, with the latest held last Friday, May 12. The reactions has been mixed but mostly positive.

The movie has not been out yet, and "Wonder Woman" is already making headlines. First, news that the film has been mired in post-production problems has shaken the confidence of some fans, who now worry that the movie did not have the time it needed to be fully polished.

Additionally, the token effort by Warner Bros. to market the movie, according to What Culture, could have "Wonder Woman" premiere with the odds stacked against the movie. A weak marketing effort by the movie publisher could have hurt the chances of the film to reach a wider audience, but there's little worry for that. What little impressions that have been leaking out to social media has been getting buzz lately, especially when the movie was screened in advance to a small audience earlier Friday.

Positive reactions have been posted on Twitter regarding the advance screening of "Wonder Woman," particularly on Patty Jenkin's directing and Gal Gadot's impressive performance.

"WONDER WOMAN screened on Friday. I didn't see it. Every single person I've spoken to who did see it...LOVED IT. Even harsh critics. BOOM," posted Robert Meyer Burnett on Twitter, after the early screening. Movie critics like him have found the film a pleasant surprise even with the lackluster marketing from Warner Bros.

Meanwhile, Anna Klassen took to Twitter to give lavish praise to movie director Patty Jenkins. "I just saw Wonder Woman. Not allowed to talk about it yet... but will say Patty Jenkins is a wonderful human who is too good for this world," Anna wrote, somewhat hampered by the social media embargo imposed on the early screening viewers.