World Cancer Day Observed Today, What Is It?

(Photo: Reuters/Dave Kaup)Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders wear new pink outfits to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.

World Cancer Day swept social media sites across the globe on Tuesday as people everywhere are remembering those lost to the disease and spreading awareness.

The event takes place each year on Nov. 4 in order to "reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer," the official website for World Cancer Day reads. Strengthened by people across the world, the campaign strives to boost awareness of cancer while also debunking common misconceptions about the disease, such as the belief that there are no signs or symptoms of cancer.

World Cancer Day also sheds light on myths surrounding the thinking that cancer should not be discussed, that there is nothing to be done when someone is diagnosed with cancer, and that patients do not have the right or means to care for cancer.

Furthermore, World Cancer Day informs people that cancer treatment is not just a means to delay death- but instead, with early diagnosis and the right treatment strategy, one third of common cancers can be prevented and treated, according to new research. Also, while cancer is hereditary, only five to 10 percent of cancers are inherited through genes, and mutation in cancer-causing genes is the main reason why cancer develops during a lifetime.

Meanwhile, there are many ways to honor World Cancer Day, including researching ways to prevent cancer, such as maintaining a healthy diet and limiting the use of chemicals that are known to cause harm. On Twitter, thousands of users are sounding off on their own World Cancer Day activities this year.

"Nothing says is better than this," Lacey wrote on Twitter. "My dad is the strongest, most positive & courageous man #worldcancerday #screwcancer."

The Grand Ole Opry posted, "It's #WorldCancerDay & today we honor all of those fighting the battle as well as those loving someone through it."

Designer Ralph Lauren is also among the thousands recognizing World Cancer Day on Tuesday, sharing a post on Twitter that read, "Cancer touches all of us. Pink Pony is our worldwide effort to fight cancer, and to support those who particularly need ways of care and prevention in medically underserved communities. Join me in the pink pony fight."