World Evangelical Alliance Encourages Bible Devotion for Lent

The World Evangelical Alliance is stressing the importance of daily interaction with the Bible during this season of Lent, with WEA Ambassador Brian Stiller encouraging believers to turn to God's word as "nutrition that feeds the inner life."

Stiller made note of bookstores filled with cookbooks and diet books and the importance society places on the physical condition and appearance, pointing out that "we all want to lose weight this year."

"As often as we think about our physical body so often we forget about the nutrition that feeds our inner life: the word of God," he said in a video posted on WEA's website.

The ambassador went on to explain that the word of God "becomes the drink and the bread and the meat that strengthens who we are in the inner life," and further clarifying his metaphor, Stiller said the word of God "provides nutrition for wisdom . . . love . . . understanding ourselves and the world around us . . . and seeing deeper into the heart of God."

Lent is the perfect time to devote oneself to taking up daily interaction with the Bible, he insisted. Many Christians sacrifice something during Lent, often something they consider treats like ice cream, potato chips, or other junk food. But Stiller pointed out that observers don't just have to sacrifice, but can gain something during this time.

In his video address he said, "As we come to this season of remembering the time of the death and resurrection of Christ, take a few minutes each day to allow the nutrition of God's word to become part of your life." This kind of daily devotion will help believers "become the kind of person God intended you to be."