World Evangelical Alliance Opens New Tech Center

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) opened the Center of Information Technology (CIT) in San Francisco. Previously, at an international conference, the WEA had recognized the need to expand its ''internal and external communication.''

The World Evangelical Alliance recently opened a Center of Information Technology in San Francisco, in continuing its ongoing efforts to expand its internal and external communication.

According to the global network of churches, the new center comes in keeping its need for a "long-ranging goal to take communications and networking 'to a whole new level.'"

"We believe this new Information Technology Center will be a very important tool in assisting the global church in building more effective ties that will lead to greater connectiveness and strategic partnerships," said WEA's International Director, Geoff Tunnicliffe.

According to the WEA head, the new Center of Information Technology will provide four key services: expand the internal and external communications for the Alliance; assist regions, commissions and national alliances with their information technology needs; build an effective global network for the voice of WEA in both the secular and Christian media; and develop a digitalized library of resources for those who would otherwise lack access to critical information.

"This I believe is a significant answer to our prayers. In fact, the Lord is providing above and beyond our expectations," Tunnicliffe said.

Previously, at an international conference held in the state of Florida earlier this year, the WEA had recognized the need to expand its internal and external communication.

The recently established CIT is located on the grounds of Olivet University, an evangelical Christian university in San Francisco. Funding for the new center was provided by The Christian Post International, one of four affiliate members of the WEA.

Supporters of the new venture are looking forward to the new opportunities that a strong technology team will bring to the worldwide alliance.

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