World Figure Skating Championships in Nice France a Challenge for Jeremy Abbott

This week marks the start of the 2012 World Figure Skating Championships where U.S. champ Jeremy Abbott will attempt to make a big splash. This year's competition will be held in Nice, France. The most anticipated events will take place on Friday and Saturday. The men's short program will commence early Friday morning, and it will be followed by the men's free skate event the next day.

Many are predicting big things from Canada's Patrick Chan in this event. Chan is on an incredible hot streak, and he has remained undefeated for approximately two years. Chan's routine for the World Championships involves a daring and impressive three quads and two triple axles, according to the Enquirer. If he manages to pull them off without blunder, he should be sliding into gold medal position easily.

But could 26-year-old Unites States champion Jeremy Abbott give Chan a run for his money? Abbott is an impressive skater, but he will have to have nearly perfect skating if they expect to beat Chan. Many believe Abbott is up for the challenge, due to the fact that he is so talented and such a strong performer.

"Jeremy … is probably one of the most amazing performers I've been able to appreciate. He has an ability to express dance – he feels every movement. It's his whole body. When I watch him, I get sucked into his performance," world ice dance champion Meryl Davis told the Detroit Free Press.

Abbott is hoping that the routine he has prepared for the World Championships will lead him to victory, while conveying his personality.

"It's quieter and it really suits my skating well," Abbott said of his routine when speaking to the Detroit Free Press. "It's simple. I'm a complex person in the fact that I have so many aspects to me, but when it comes down to it, I'm kind of a simple guy."