'World of Final Fantasy' DLC 'Champion Summon: Sora' Launched In Japan, Could Arrive In North America Soon

Patch 1.02 also recently released for 'World of Final Fantasy'
YouTube courtesy of Square Enix'Champion Summon: Sora' DLC now available to download for 'World of Final Fantasy' players in Japan

"World of Final Fantasy" players in Japan now have a new ally they can call on for help to vanquish their mighty foes.

With the "Champion Summon: Sora" add-on now released inside the country, players will now be able to call on the familiar "Kingdom Hearts" hero to help them out.

Developers celebrated the arrival of the new Champion Summon by releasing a new video that shows off what Sora looks like inside the game.

As fans can see, Sora is still wielding that familiar Keyblade of his, and he is still quite the agile fighter as well. There is one noticeable difference, however, as Sora is depicted as a Lilikin, similar to the other Champion Summons and non-player characters that inhabit the in-game world known as Grymoire.

Notably, a specific date for when the "Champion Summon: Sora" downloadable content may be released outside of Japan has not been announced just yet, though there may be a clue related to that.

As Gematsu pointed out, the release dates of the add-on and "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue" could be linked to each other in those other regions, which is the case in Japan. If this is true, then the "Champion Summon: Sora" add-on may be released in other regions on Jan. 24 as well.

Players in Japan have until March 31 to download the "Champion Summon: Sora" add-on.

While some "World of Final Fantasy" players will have to wait a bit longer for the Sora add-on, they can still download the recently released Patch 1.02.

Along with squashing some annoying game bugs, Patch 1.02 also brings Theater Mode, a new feature that will allow players to re-watch some of the game's most memorable scenes. Patch 1.02 also brings some improvements for the PS Vita and PS4 Pro versions of the game.

More details about "World of Final Fantasy" and the aforementioned "Champion Summon: Sora" add-on should be made available soon.