World Of Warcraft Introduces Pet and Mount Characters, Proceeds Go to Make-A-Wish Foundation (VIDEOS)

(PHOTO: Creative Commons)World of Warcraft cover.

Blizzard Entertainment, the video game developer behind the wildly popular World of Warcraft games, has added two new characters, with the proceeds from the purchase of the characters going to charity.

The two characters are a pet dog named Alterac Brew Pup and a mount named Enchanted Fey Dragon. They will both be available at the with the dog costing $10 and the dragon for $25.

$5 from the Brew pup purchase will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation between now and New Years' Day, according to Polygon. WoW is also offering a $30 bundle that includes the dragon and dog for $30, which is a savings of $5, and another $5 will go to Make-A-Wish.

See the Alterac Brew Pup below:

"Bred for rescue duty, the Alterac brewhound's bloodline is famous for having found and resuscitated many trapped mountain travelers ... and then slobbering all over them. In honor of the Alterac Brew Pup's warm spirit, from now until December 31, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. PST, 50% of the purchase price will be donated to Make-A-Wish," the description reads.

See the Enchanted Fey Dragon below:

"Saddle up on one of these iridescent sprites and enjoy the instant street and sky cred that comes with being one of the last bastions of cool. Show your true colors with the Enchanted Fey Dragon mount," the description reads.

World of Warcraft has seen a steady decline in subscribers, with Activision-Blizzard citing a loss of 100,000 players this month. However, rumors circulating that the company would make the game free-to-play just are not true, they said.

"We didn't make the game to be free-to-play," World of Warcraft Production Director J. Allen Brack said to Eurogamer. "We would have to rework the game pretty significantly in order to make it free-to-play. It's not something we're currently considering."

Two weeks ago, the company revealed at Blizzcon a new expansion pack for the game called Warlords of Draenor. Brack said they were hoping this expansion would pique interest and keep their solid fanbase from growing stagnant with the current game.

While the 100,000 dropped subscribers seems like a huge number, the franchise still has over 7.6 million users playing the game, according to Escapist Magazine. However, in the game's best times, that number was a staggering 12 million.