World Vision Continues Aid Work in War-Torn Sri Lanka

World Vision is continuing development work in the war-torn districts of Sri Lanka, as the conflict continues to tear apart the lives of thousands of men, women, and children.

The recent escalation in hostilities has given rise to a major crisis with the spiraling number of homeless and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in east Sri Lanka now over 155,000.

With relief assistance especially critical at this time, World Vision is concentrating its response efforts on distributing much needed water, food and non-food items such as mats, tarpaulins and water containers.

Despite the many challenges resulting from the severe fighting, World Vision has continued to provide essential relief assistance to people trapped in the conflict areas of the northern and eastern regions. This has been done through two-resettlement programs, seven Area Development Programs (ADPs) and at times in conjunction with specific relief programs.

A team of World Vision Lanka staff are in the process of conducting an assessment to find out the current status of children in World Vision programs and their needs. Staff from the area report that mobile connections are still suspended in the district, making communications one of the biggest challenges. Since last weekend, there has been no electricity and regular water cuts in the district of Batticaloa.

World Vision has continued to coordinate with the government, other NGOs, and authorities in an attempt to rebuild the lives of children and their families in the region. The international aid and development organization also partnered with UNICEF in successfully rehabilitating child soldiers that were released by the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) during the ceasefire.

World Vision has been working in Sri Lanka since 1977. Its development, relief and rehabilitation programs and tsunami relief programs cover 22 districts in the country.