World Wildlife Day Today, What Is It?

(Photo: Reuters/Paul Darrow)One-month-old Siberian husky sled puppies take a walk in the snow near their kennel in Wiltondale, Newfoundland, April 10, 2008.

World Wildlife Day is being celebrated across the globe on March 3 with people commemorating the importance of animals as well as flora and fauna today.

The international holiday was first designated by the United National General Assembly in order to spread awareness of the numerous benefits that come from conservation efforts. Furthermore, World Wildlife Day sheds light on the many plants and animals that are facing extinction due to crimes such as poaching as well as environmental factors such as climate changes and pollution.

While extinction is still a huge threat to many species, many animals in peril of being wiped out forever have rebounded successfully with rehabilitation efforts. Also, growing trends include renewable energy sources and "going green," with many governments implementing incentives that could diminish climate change.

The official website for World Wildlife Day cited the impact that wildlife has on human well-being, as well as on matters relating to sustainable development, among many other facets of life. The UN also invites all member states, the United Nations system and other international organizations as well as civil society, non-governmental organizations and individuals to observe World Wildlife Day today.

Many Twitter users are heeding the UN's invitation and sounding off about their observances of World Wildlife Day, including Bethe who wrote, "Happy World Wildlife Day! Today we're celebrating a year of XERO poaching of tigers, rhinos, and elephants in Nepal."

"Happy World Wildlife Day," Action for Earth posted. "To our: furry, feathered and slimy friends in the natural world."

Rainforest Action Network posted, "Today, on World Wildlife Day, these beautiful creatures need our help. Raise your voice."

Twitter user Mattias added, "Today we celebrate the World Wildlife Day! It's more important than ever to together fight against wildlife crimes! #worldwildlifeday"

Grace wrote, "Happy World Wildlife day, thank you for loving all animals big and small."

To look at amazing photos of animals, visit Reuters here.