World's Longest Cat Dies: Stewie the Cat Succumbs to Cancer (PHOTO, VIDEO)

The world's longest cat has died on Monday evening after succumbing to a year-long battle with cancer, his owner has confirmed on Tuesday.

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(Photo: YouTube/Guinness Book of Records Screen Capture)World's Longest Cat, Stewie, has died Feb. 4, 2013.

Stewie the cat was the longest domestic cat in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, measuring in at more than four feet long from nose to tail.

The cat had received various spurts of publicity over recent years for the unique accolade. However, owner, Robin Hendrickson, confirmed on Tuesday that Stewie had passed away at his Reno home on Monday night.

Stewie was diagnosed in early 2012 with Lymphosarcoma, however, chemotherapy was successful that time and he was declared cancer free after his treatment.

But the remission proved brief and soon after, his vet found another more aggressive tumor on his kidneys. It is this second bout of cancer that Stewie finally succumbed to, according to reports.

The cat had held the world record since August 2010 when he was officially measured by the Guinness Book of World Records officials. They measures him at 48.5 inches long.

Upon the news of the cat's passing, messages flooded onto Stewie's official Facebook page, with well-wishers leaving messages, and those wanting to offer their condolences posting their regards.

Hendrickson has said, "Stewie was always very social and loved meeting new people. He has touched many lives, and for that I am grateful," according to CBS News.

Stewie the chat's full official name was "Mymains Stewart Gilligan," and he was bought by his owner from a breeder in Hermiston, Oregon, in 2005.

Stewie's breeder, Valerie Horton, spoke about how the cat attended the International Cat Show in Portland, Oregon, just last month: "He did really well at the show, even though he wasn't feeling totally perfect. He loved being there because he loved the public. He always did."

According to CBS News, Guinness World Records' officials have not immediately responded to inquiries about a successor to Stewie's record.

Here is a video of Stewie the Cat - the world's longest cat, who passed away this week: