World's Strongest Beer Produced by Scottish Brewery

A brewery in Scotland has claimed to have created a beer with the highest alcohol content by volume and is calling the brew Armageddon.

The company responsible for this concoction is called Brewmeister Brewery and on their website they detail that the brew includes ingredients such as crystal malt, wheat, flaked oats and 100 percent Scottish spring water.

The website states that in order to produce a beer with such a high alcohol content they must use a process called freeze fermenting. This simple process is done by lowering the brewing temperature to just below freezing and then removing the first part of the mixture to freeze, which leaves a behind a more concentrated mixture.

When asked about the nature of this new brew and its qualitative aspects, Brewmeister's co-founder, Lewis Shand, explained that his beer has a "viscous quality to it."

"'Delivers a supersonic-charged explosion and conveys the taster to Drunksville' is probably more appropriate," Shand told STV. "In some respects, it is closer to a liqueur than a beer, but it is classified as a beer and we are pleased with it."

By comparison, domestic beers usually have an alcohol by content value of anywhere from four to 12 percent. Unfortunately, beer enthusiasts stateside will have to wait for their brew as it is not sold in the U.S., but it can be ordered through the company's website, who will ship it to anyone around the globe.

Shand encourages anyone daring to try the new brew, but cautions that anyone who does partake do so responsibly and treat it as a fine liquor rather than a home brew.

This is not the first time a brewery in Scotland has tried to produce the world's strongest beer. Scotland's Brewdog produced "Tactical Nuclear Penguin" that came in at 32 percent and then later released "The End of History," a blond Belgian ale that was 55 percent alcohol by volume.