Worried About Bad News?

 Have you watched the news lately? Most of the recent stories cause me to feel frustrated, anxious, fearful, sometimes angry, and frankly, disturbed. Lately, our daily dose of bad news has included the IRS scandal, a poor economy, mandated insurance, horrific local crime and chaos, and reports of terror threats targeting the Olympics. As icing on the cake, the news from our own families and close friends can also be disturbing – illness, job loss, foreclosure, divorce, and crumbling friendships all feel overwhelming.
With all the bad news I sometimes wonder what the world is coming to!

Naturally one question continually comes to mind as we contemplate the news of the day – why? It's normal to ask why, but it is not reasonable to expect the answer to an unanswerable question. When we ask why, we really are wanting an explanation. Somehow, I doubt that the explanation would make sense to most of us this side of heaven. I've found that asking why keeps me stuck in a cycle of frustration, anger, and anxiety.

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