Worried About Witchy Teens

 The parent's e-mail to me had an urgent tone. "When our daughter and some of her Wiccan friends first began meeting in our living room, there were more giggles and gossip than talk about casting spells and gaining power. But what they are talking about now has us very disturbed…"

In working with teens for over 15 years, this was certainly not the first time I had heard from a parent upset about their child's fascination with the occult. Increasingly, teens themselves will voice concern over peers who are getting involved in Wicca and pagan activities. When the aspiring sorcerers were overheard talking about making a Halloween sacrifice, "…What about some small animal? No - how about maybe a hamster?" this troubled mother's tolerance ran out. "Alex, they are taking this stuff way too seriously. Please respond ASAP, or at least recommend a good resource."

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