Would You Notice Your Family If They Were Homeless? See How 5 People Did in This Experiment (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: New York City Rescue Mission/YouTube)

To demonstrate how people ignore the homeless, the New York City Rescue Mission set up a social experiment. The organization got five people to walk a certain route to an appointment. On their way, the subjects passed some homeless people on the street.

What the subjects didn't know was that these homeless people were actually their closest loved ones, including a mother, a brother, an uncle and a wife.

In an interview, the subjects happily talk about these family members. Then the kicker: The five marks are shown footage of themselves walking past the loved ones they were just talking about. As you'd imagine, it's a gut punch for every one.

The video is attached to the website MakeThemVisible.com, where the NYCRM is giving visibility to the homeless.