Wozniak Selling Home for $5 Million: Designed by Computer Genius (VIDEO)

The former of home of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, has been placed on sale for a second time.

While better known for his computer designing skills- Wozniak designed the first Apple computer sold by the company in the 1970s- the computer genius also had a hand in home design during the 1980s. In 1986, the Apple co-founder helped to design his own home in Los Gatos, Calif.

Wozniak later sold the home, but it appears that the abode is now back on the market and for less than its original price. The home was first listed at $5 million, but that price has since dropped to $4.395 million. With over 7,500-square-feet, 6 bedrooms and 6 full bathrooms, the home boasts prominent views of the Los Gatos Mountains.

The home has since undergone a re-design, but "many of the Apple legend's post-modern design elements remain" according to the Daily News. The price of the Silicon Valley home was reduced last year after it failed to sell for over seven months. The home includes a pool with a built in waterfall, a koi pond, and a children's play area.

While "living in [a] house built by the man who designed the revolutionary Apple 1" could be "exciting" for some according to the Daily News, it appears that others were less enthused by the home's design.

"Nope! Not my style!" one user commented on a Yahoo blog.

"Lacks color," another user wrote on the Daily News.

One user went on to suggest that it would be impossible to afford the phone and the bill for an iPhone at the same time.