'Wrestling for Jesus' Movie: Christian WWE Evangelism

A new Christian documentary making the independent circuit is telling the story of a man looking to evangelize by creating a wrestling league in the name of Jesus.

"Wrestling for Jesus" follows league creator Timothy "T-Money" Blackmon as he goes through financial, marital, and spiritual struggles. It watches him take a group of underdog wrestlers and create a successful amateur wrestling league.

Already winning a few awards, the film is described as a "cultural side-show" by Christianity Today, and introduces the audience to WWE style sports entertainment evangelism. Christianity Today has reviewed: "Although the wrestling action may be overscripted, the evangelistic mission rings true as the traditional altar becomes an invitation to meet Jesus at the edge of the ring."

The trailer of the movie shows prayers and altar calls at the end of the night's matches.

In the movie, the Wrestling for Jesus team is thrown into turmoil after one of the members goes through a divorce. It's this situation that causes the divorced wrestler to become a better father as he becomes more attentive to his daughter.

Towards the end the team gets back together after one of the wrestlers breaks his neck. They pull together a benefit exhibition to raise money for their wounded friend.

Perhaps the strongest part of the film is the bond the athletes develop with each other, and their positive attitude and focus towards Christ in everything they do.

The film is created by Fourth Line films and directed by Nathan Clarke.

Paste Magazine said the film "will stick in your head long after you've seen the film."

The State said, "Clarke also found a story waiting to be told. “Wrestling for Jesus: The Tale of T-Money,”…is more than just wrestling…The viewer gets an intimate sense of what the sport actually means to the participants."

The Onion AV Club said, “Think of it as The Wrestler about the guys Mickey Rourke wrestled against in those gyms, but with more Jesus.”

Watch the trailer below