Wrigley Pulls Gum: Caffeine Gum Removed From Stores Pending FDA Investigations (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Wrigley Screen Shot)Wrigley has pulled its caffeine gum product from stores pending an FDA investigation.

Wrigley has pulled gum containing caffeine from store shelves this week, after increasing pressure had ben applied on the company by the FDA.

Wrigley had produced a special type of caffeine gum called "Alert Energy Caffeine Gum," however, the FDA has commenced an investigation into the potential health risks associated with products infused with high levels of caffeine, and lists the Wrigley gum as one of those being looked into.

The FDA recently met with Casey Keller, president of Wrigley, and soon after he agreed to remove the product from store shelves and to halt any current marketing plans for the caffeine gum, according to reports.

Keller did not make any admission of any fault with the product, however, but simply said that his decision was made "out of respect" for the ongoing FDA investigations.

According to reports, the FDA is specifically interested in the affects on high caffeine products on children and teens, who could easily get access to the products. At the moment there are not many safeguards for children when it comes to caffeine laced products, and the FDA's investigations want to understand the affects of the products better before taking any official action.

Wrigley has confirmed that its caffeine gum will be removed from stores, and also be taken out of production until the FDA comes back with its findings and makes new specifications for such products.

Wrigley gum is not the only product to come under scrutiny, and in the current market place there are numerous items that contain high levels of caffeine, such as candy, nuts, and energy drinks. A number of them boast about the high levels of caffeine and giving an energy boost, and such products have been known to attract teens.

In addition, beverages combining alcohol and caffeine were recently banned, pending regulations on the amount of caffeine.

Here is a video news report about Wrigley's caffeine gum: