'WWE 2K18' News: First Gameplay Footage Previews Crowd and Wrestler Graphics

Footage also compares how 'WWE 2K18' has improved upon 'WWE 2K17' in terms of graphics
Twitter courtesy of @WWEgamesSeth Rollins is the cover athlete for 'WWE 2K18'

Wrestling fans have been waiting a while to catch their first glimpse of "WWE 2K18," and at long last, developers have finally given them what they have been looking for.

Granted, the newly released footage does not really reveal much about the additional features and gameplay adjustments that will be included in the upcoming game, but what it does instead is showcase just how much the next installment of the franchise has improved upon its predecessor when it comes to graphics.

Near the end of the video, a side-by-side comparison of Randy Orton's entrance is displayed. Right away, the differences are noticeable, with the character model on the right featuring greater detail than the earlier version of the long-time WWE staple.

It was also revealed that some of the older members of the roster have been re-scanned so that their character models look even better inside the game.

Aside from the wrestlers looking significantly better, the developers have also worked to enhance how other important game elements look inside "WWE 2K18."

The sometimes weaponized steel steps look more solid this time around, and the entranceway also better resembles the one typically shown during WWE broadcasts.

The WWE Universal title belt also appears more detailed in the new game, and even the members of the crowd look more like individuals.

Unfortunately, this particular piece of gameplay footage is not that long, but fans who want to see more may be in luck.

Spotted by Just Push Start, developers announced over on Twitter that the game will be present at the Insomnia Gaming Festival in the United Kingdom later this month. The game will be showcased on Aug. 26 and also on the 28th, so fans who are in the area may want to drop by.

More news about the improvements to be featured in "WWE 2K18" should be made available later this year.