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'WWE 2K18' Nintendo Switch Now Available

'WWE 2K18' Nintendo Switch Now Available

Roman Reigns clashes with Braun Strowman inside 'WWE 2K18' | YouTube/WWE 2K

It's time for a good old fashioned beat down because "WWE 2K18" is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Owners of the hybrid console can now purchase physical and digital copies of the game complete will all of the major features found in other versions of the game.

The wrestling sim is the first WWE title to be released on a Nintendo console in five years, the last being THQ's WWE '13. It was originally released on other platforms back October with 2K Games announcing that a Switch version soon to follow. Less than two months later, the developer announced that the game will arrive on Dec. 6 adding that the "release date may vary by territory."

Among the features included in the Switch version of "WWE 2K18" include the revamped MyCareer and Road to Glory mode, expanded character creator, and DLC (downloadable content) lineup, and customization options for characters, matches, arenas, and videos. The game also supports four-player gameplay in both TV and handheld modes. However, unlike other versions, the Switch can only support up to six characters on-screen as opposed to eight.

Thos who pre-ordered the physical version of the game will also receive the Kurt Angle DLC pack as a bonus featuring two playable versions of the WWE Hall of Famer. The pack will also be available to download for free for those who opted to buy the game's digital version, just make sure to have a microSD with 32 GB of free space and 1 GB on the console itself.

"WWE 2K18" will also feature a host of DLC options for the Switch release including a Season Pass, a New Moves Pack, bundles of new playable characters, as well as packs for various items such as in-game currency. As part of a product placement deal with KFC, the game also has Colonel Sanders as a playable character, accessible through the attire templates in the Create-A-Wrestler feature.


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