WWE Sued by Family of Woman Who Died From Firework Smoke

The Prim family is suing the WWE for using fireworks during a show, which the family claims led to one member's asthma attack and death.

During the 2008 Summer Slam event, Susan, Brodie, and Tyler Prim were enjoying themselves and watching the Undertaker wrestle when the fireworks went off. The WWE used pyrotechnics to light the ring on fire at the conclusion of the match. The WWE routinely uses pyrotechnics in its shows, usually without any problems. But soon after they began going off, Susan Prim began having difficulty breathing.

"She was telling us she was having trouble breathing," Brodie Prim told ABC News. "She wasn't feeling too well, and so we walked out. She collapsed, she was passed out."

The Prim boys immediately called 911, but by the time the ambulance arrived, Susan was in distress. She suffered from asthma, which was aggravated by the smoke from the fireworks.

"She had been down too long without oxygen and she had no brain activity," Brodie said. "They had her on life support but they told me she was already gone. The brain damage was so severe that she went from respiratory arrest to cardiac arrest and never came back from it."

The family has filed suit against the city of Indianapolis, the WWE, and pyrotechnic and entertainment companies. As the suit continues, the Prim family is remaining silent, hoping that they will be able to get justice for their mother's death. The Indiana Court of Appeals sided with the Prim family this week and agreed that the list of defendants could stand, meaning that they could move ahead with their lawsuit.

The WWE has not issued a statement about the case but has a host of lawyers that will inevitably dispute all the charges. The organization, run by Vince and Linda McMahon, is incredibly successful and is popular around the world. Wrestlers often tour the world on behalf of the WWE in order to promote the organization and do charity work.