Wyoming Community College Attack: Son Kills Father With Arrow, Then Himself

A Wyoming college instructor has been named a hero after attempting to protect his students before being attacked and killed by his son.

School instructor, James Krumm, 56, was attacked and killed in his classroom on Friday morning after his son, Christopher Krumm, entered his classroom and drew a compound bow. The son, 25, was also carrying two knives, one of which he had just used to kill Krumm's live-in girlfriend at the couple's nearby home.

The professor fought off his son, causing a distraction allowing his classroom full of students to escape, an Associated Press report stated.

"I can tell you the courage that was demonstrated by Mr. Krumm was absolutely without equal," Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh said according to AP.

Christopher Krumm first shot his father with a compound bow and arrow, a much stronger weapon that a typical bow and arrow. He then stabbed himself before fatally stabbing his father, who was found dead after police arrived on the scene.

Police stated that they found Christopher Krumm as he was taking his last breaths. Heidi Arnold, 42, the girlfriend of James Krumm, was also an instructor at the Wyoming Community College.

"As soon as we got home, we just shut the curtains," Heather Meier, a neighbor from across the street told the AP. "You know, tried to just watch some TV, have some snacks, mind our own business."

Arnold taught math at the college and was described by her students as very caring.

"She was a really, really nice person," Chris Unruh, 18, one of Arnold's students said. "She cared about her students. She wanted all of them to succeed."

Police are still investigating the motive behind the double murder suicide.