'X-Files' Season 11 News, Release Date: Annabeth Gish Returns as FBI Agent Monica Reyes

Facebook/TheXFilesonFoxAnnabeth Gish has confirmed her return as Monica Reyes in season 11 of "The X-Files."

"X-Files" is set to return for its 11th season and actress Annabeth Gish has just confirmed she will be returning to the series. Gish, who plays Monica Reyes on the show, took to Instagram to reveal her return.

Previously, it was confirmed that "X-Files" season 11 will see the return of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Mulder and Scully, respectively. It was alongside these two characters that Gish's Monica was introduced during the original run of the show years ago, where she played the role of an FBI agent.

"X-Files" then returned last year for its 10th season, featuring the resurrection of several characters, including that of Reyes. During that installment, Gish's character briefly appeared in the season finale to reveal some confidential information to Scully, who badly needed help at the time.

Now that Gish is confirmed to return next season, fans can expect her to have a much bigger role in the series. Details about how big or small her involvement will be in the upcoming installment are still unknown, but considering how vital her role was in the season 10 finale, it can be safely assumed that her character will be just as important moving forward to season 11.

Aside from Duchovny, Anderson and Gish, another star confirmed to return for the next season is Mitch Pileggi, who plays FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner. Although casting reports for season 11 remain scarce, there are speculations that most of the supporting characters in the previous installment might reappear in the upcoming season, including Robert Patrick's John Doggett, Reyes' partner in the FBI.

Before the show was revived, reports had surfaced that Gish's and Patrick's characters would replace Duchovny and Anderson's as the lead characters. However, the chemistry reportedly just was not there so FOX decided to have Mulder and Scully take the center stage again last season.

"X-Files" returns next year on FOX.