Xbox 360 to Outsell PS3 for Second Christmas in a Row

The Xbox 360 is once again on pace to out sell Sony's PlayStation 3 this Christmas shopping season.

The website recently collected data on the sales of the two consoles and discovered that there is more of a demand for Microsoft's console.

"Search statistics from one of the leading coupon code websites in the U.S. have revealed that the Xbox is the must have game console this holiday season, as it is on track to outsell the PS3 for the second Christmas in a row, almost 3:1," read a press release from American PR Yeti.

The site stated that more than half of the consoles sold on their website are Xbox 360s and that Microsoft has more than twice the number of Sony's searches. This led it to the conclusion that the 360 will defeat the PS3 in the sales department for the second year in a row.

The third place seller on the site is the Nintendo Wii, which has the lowest number of searches on the site.

"As the holiday season is upon us and parents are running around trying to find the perfect last minute gift, we thought it would be interesting to look at the search data from the site and see what consoles will be most popular," said Mark Pearson Chairman of

"Surprisingly, the Xbox seems to have taken the top spot again, despite not being a very new device at all, with half of games console site searches for this gadget alone," he continued.

This data is quite surprising as the Xbox 360 is the oldest out of the three consoles, having launched back in Nov. 2005.

Both the Nintendo Wii and PS3 were released towards the end of 2006.